How Hearing Loss Can Ruin Relationships

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Frustration and miscommunication take their toll

It may be common knowledge that hearing loss is an inconvenience at times. But it can also be a relationship killer. Listening is as basic to a good relationship as good food is to your health. Hearing loss breaks the connection and places unnecessary stress on marriages, friendships, and budding relationships. You’ve heard others repeatedly say “what” to you or a loved one. When others need to repeat themselves again and again, it strains even the most solid relationships.

Think of all the miscommunication. She thinks you said, “There’s a bad moon on the rise.” You said, “There’s a bathroom on the right.” That could spell trouble. What happens over time is that the connection can shut down between and you and others, and a slow distance starts to develop. This is a poor recipe for healthy relationships. And if your partner is big on socializing, it can cramp your social life where it’s difficult to spend time with others.

You Don’t Have To Live With It

Believe it or not, your friend or partner is doing you a favor when they ask you to get a hearing test. Seeking treatment as early as possible may help to prevent other health problems linked to hearing loss, including heart disease and brain function issues. Hearing is one of the five key senses you depend on to help navigate and appreciate the world around you. When you don’t correct hearing problems, you feel more isolated from everyone you come into contact with.

Take Action

Your next step? Make an appointment to have your hearing tested – it’s a simple process. Remember, it’s not just for your health, but for the overall quality of your lifestyle. Today there are lots of options for treating hearing loss, including in-the-ear hearing devices designed to be virtually invisible.

If you find you’re saying “what” more often than you should, make an appointment at Los Gatos Audiology for a free hearing screening. We’ve served San Jose and the Bay Area for over 40 years.

Los Gatos Audiology is at 430 Monterey Ave, Ste. 3, Los Gatos; call (408) 354-1312 or visit to learn more.

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