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Yes, we can!: Zara Daniels and Colin Triplett, owner of Mint Condition Fitness, with the gym's contribution to Thanks for Giving.

Yes, we can!: Zara Daniels and Colin Triplett, owner of Mint Condition Fitness, with the gym’s contribution to Thanks for Giving.

Thanks for Giving

With the help and generosity of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce and Sweeney, Mason, Wilson and Bosomworth, Thanks for Giving Week collected 3,841 meals for the needy, all donated by local residents and collected by local merchants, restaurants, wineries and services.

Counting additional cash donations from local residents, businesses and civic organizations, our community was able to provide more than 5,000 meals to needy families over the holiday season.
This was a big jump from last year’s first annual Thanks For Giving week, where we were able to distribute roughly 3,200 meals and were honored to receive a platinum award from Second Harvest Food Bank.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to that fine organization, which is doing the important work of helping those most in need, all year long.

And on behalf of Los Gatos Publisher Rich Tancredi, who organized the event, we thank everyone who donated and participated.

Seeing The Love

Talk about putting your best face forward in the New Year: Makeup artist Rebecca Rook, owner of the Kiss and Makeup boutique in downtown Los Gatos, has redesigned her store and launched a new line of luxury cosmetics.

Inside the airy, comfortable space, newly outfitted with natural wood accents and a facial and skin prep room, clients will find the same great service that has kept them returning to Kiss and Makeup for 16 years. Rook’s son Richard Sell, the “Brow Miracle Worker,” will still be sculpting gorgeous eyebrows to frame the “windows to the soul,” while Rook will continue providing expert makeup services for weddings and photo shoots. Kiss and Makeup also provides lash extensions and permanent makeup applications.

The new LVMOR (pronounced “love more”) makeup line, designed by Rook herself, represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to create a luxury cosmetics collection. Innovative serum-based foundations designed to bring a glow to all skin types and high-quality pigments chosen for their lasting quality (making heavy or repeated applications unnecessary) anchor the cruelty-free LVMOR line.

Customers will also find an expanded lifestyle boutique inside the store offering unique gifts and artisan jewelry. To check out the new Kiss and Makeup, head for 130 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Suite M.

Tough beauty: Cameron Mackenzie of Los Gatos Ballet braved 38-degree weather to get the shot. Brava!

Tough beauty: Cameron Mackenzie of Los Gatos Ballet braved 38-degree weather to get the shot. Brava!

Wave That Flag

You may have heard the joke: How is it we put a man on the moon before we decided to put wheels on suitcases? Well, pedestrian crossing flags are just as simple as wheels on suitcases, and may be an even better idea.

If you haven’t seen them around town, it works like this: A bunch of bright yellow flags sit in buckets attached to light posts at either side of many crosswalks around downtown. That’s all you need to know to figure out how they work, right? Simple. Brilliant.

We got the chance to test the pedestrian flags soon after they were deployed. Early on a cold December morning, members of the Los Gatos Magazine team were out on North Santa Cruz Avenue assisting photographer Dave Lepori with a cover shoot for the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce annual directory.

Just in front of the Los Gatos Theater, Cameron Mackenzie, a dancer with Los Gatos Ballet who spent the summer with the American Ballet Theater in New York, performed various balletic poses wearing a long white tutu and pointe shoes in a shaft of morning sunlight. Dave shot with the help of an assistant wielding a big reflector.

It was a beautiful and surreal scene, made more so by the theme From Star Wars pouring out of the theater’s speakers—it happened to be the morning of the premiere of The Force Awakens.
There were a handful of moments when the light was just right and we needed to request that cars wait a few moments while Dave got the shot. The drivers who paused for the spectacle all appeared delighted, as you will be when you see the photograph.

Of course, the pedestrian flags are designed for serious work—they no doubt make our town a lot safer. But it’s very appropriate that the flags kept the dancer and everyone else safe during this project: The pedestrian flags are being paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and were the brainchild of Chamber CEO Zack Marks.

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